𝙷𝚒 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎!

For somewhere around 3-4 years I've been messing around and practicing game development. Starting in 2014 when I discovered FNaF, I found a program called 𝙲𝚕𝚒𝚌𝚔𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚖 𝙵𝚞𝚜𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝟸.𝟻. I began tinkering with it, making some really shitty clones and some basic platformers, eventually sharpening my skills a bit. I had several failed projects including a 2d horror platformer called "SORROW SPREE" and some other related games. I then moved on to 𝙶𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚛, making a 3d "pixel-horror" game called MOON. The game is on the back burner but I currently don't feel like it'll ever be picked back up. Nowadays I make ROBLOX games and platformers/shoot-em-ups with Fusion 2.5. Here's some of my current projects!